Ángel Blázquez: "Si te gusta el golf, en las tiendas de Madrid de Decathlon hay un sitio para tí"

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Paul Gaudin
03:41:41 PM
Ref. 1424
Dear Mr. Blazquez, Today I went to the Terrassa Decathlon store to buy a set of golf irons. I really wanted to try the new Inesis 500 irons, but they were not there. I decided to go with the Taylormade golf irons. When I went into the golf department, as usual, there was nobody there. I went to ask a woman to help me and she said she would find someone, nobody came. Then I asked a man and woman to help me but they were too busy having a conversation about something. Then a third man entered their conversation and gave me one of those finger waggs that said, "Not me." Then I decided to go to the finance department to ask for some help and he made a call. About five minutes later, a man came and want to know what I wanted. I told him I want to buy some golf clubs and I wanted to use the fitting machine. That is what people do when they buy golf clubs, right? Anyways, he told me they were getting rid of the machine and I need to go to a store that is about an hour away. I said that wasn't going to happen. He told me if I didn't like the clubs, I could bring them back. Why on earth would any golf shop use such a practice? Imagine the number of marked up clubs that could come back, that then need to be sold at a discount. Anyways, I decided, what the hell, I just want to get out of this place and go to the golf club. I asked the man for the box the clubs came in. You know, the nice box that quality golf clubs arrive in when they get to the store. He said he didn't have it and he offered me a plastic bag. The hits keep getting better. Anyways, I go to the register with my plastic bag of irons and I am greeted by two very nice people. The young woman looked at me and asked, "Are you going to buy all these clubs?" How cute is that, like we play golf with one club. I told her I was buying all of these, so she decided to scan each and every club at 299 Euros times 6, for a set of 5-PW. I asked her what she was doing and explained that irons come in a set, but she didn't believe me. She should get an award for security but not for Golf Department employee. The young man there tried to tell her I was right but she wouldn't believe him either. She decided to ask someone else. He said that the set was 5-9 and the pitching wedge was not included. At this point I am pretty fed up but in a dark sense of humor kind of way I am enjoying the carnival show. I told him I want to talk to one of the golf experts. He said it was him. Wow, where was he when I wanted to use the golf simulator? I told him, I am sorry but the golf expert isn't you. I showed them the description online, 5-PW. He still didn't believe me, so he went to ask someone else and he came back and said that the PW is included. Fabulous, because my two young associates were ringing me up at 299 Euros times two. They are getting closer. Now I am exhausted and wanted to use my credit card and pay in cuotas, no problem. I was taken to a young lady who put my first name correct, my middle name as a first last name and my last name as second last name. By this time I am done and just let things take their course, because by now, I didn't really want these clubs. My fist piece of advice for the manager of the Terrassa store is to train the employees so they are not afraid of the golf department and to make sure the people who think they know something to make sure they actually know something. Second, make sure you golf fitting equipment is working. Your prices for name brand products isn't so low that people will walk out without a proper fitting. If I want name brand clubs at a cheaper price without a fitting, I will go to Amazon. Third, call the manager at the Barcelona store at La I'lla on Diagonal and ask how they do it there, because the people in the golf department there know what they are talking about. I could go on, but you are probably feeling pretty well criticized, but I could keep going. In the end, you probably shouldn't be selling golf equipment at the Decathlon in Terrassa because you give Decathlon, Inesis, and the name brands a bad name, because if people leave the store without a proper fitting, they will hate the clubs and probably will stay away from that brand and Decathlon in the future. As for me, you couldn't pay me to return to the Terrassa store's golf department.-- Kind regards, Paul Gaudin--
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